Work in Progress

We are very excited to announce that two books have been awarded contracts to be published in the Viral Politics Series! They are as follows:

Corona, the Lockdown and the Media: A Quantitative Frame Analysis of Media Coverage and Restrictive Policy Responses

Authors: Patrick Bernhagen and David Kybelka

Description: The book investigates media influence on political decisions to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. Building on previous research on event-driven media coverage, we propose that news reporting on the pandemic pitches human impact against economic consequences. On the basis of these frames, we model the relationship between the pandemic, public opinion, policy responses and media reporting and test the model using data from France, Germany and the UK.

Anticipated Date: Q4, 2022

Viral Lobbying: Strategies, Access and Influence during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Authors: Michele Crepaz, Wiebke Marie Junk, Marcel Hanegraaff, and Joost Berkhout

Description: Pandemic policies have been the focus of fierce lobbying competition by different social and economic interests. In this book, we analyse patterns in and implications of this ‘viral lobbying’. Based on elite surveys in eight European countries plus the European Union (EU) and focus group interviews with selected groups, the book provides novel evidence on the lobbying strategies used during the pandemic, as well as the resulting access to and lobbying influence on public policy.

Anticipated Date: Q4, 2022