Book Series

Series Title: Viral-Politics

Editors: Raj Chari & Isabel Rozas

Synopsis of Series:

This series addresses viral politics with an initial focus on the ‘COVID phenomenon’: more than a viral infection, COVID-19 has impacted how scientists find solutions, what governments do, and how societies react. With this multi-dimensional impact in mind, the series captures the interdisciplinary investigation that seeks to understand this phenomenon and address future challenges when other pandemics or health emergencies arise.

Its genesis is in the series’ first book that examines the science and politics of COVID-19, offering insights on drug and vaccine development and the importance of public policy in the absence of quick scientific solutions.

Subsequent books will continue with this approach by bringing social and natural science investigation together. With an editorial advisory board of leading scholars across various fields, the series of short and accessible books is aimed to be the one-stop shop for readers from different disciplines, including academics, policymakers, and the general public. The insights into this phenomenon will impact and shape many aspects of our lives for years to come.

Please note, we welcome all relevant proposals for inclusion in the series. The series will include shorter books (having a word length between 25 and 35K words), full length monographs, and edited collections.

Future development of the series:

The study of viral politics is not going away and will not be limited to just looking at COVID: the study of pandemics and their consequences will be with us for a long time. This series allows for scholars and the public alike to learn from this for future pandemics when they occur, making it invaluable for future scholars and policy makers.

If you are pursuing cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and are interested in potentially contributing to the Series with your own book, please be in touch with us as follows:

a) If your work is more social science related, please be in touch with Raj at, or

b) If your work is more natural science related, please be in touch with Isabel at

Editorial Advisory Board

An editorial advisory board for the Viral-Politics series assembles significant scholars from across disciplines in both social and natural science. Members include:

Patrick Bernhagen, University of Stuttgart

Andrea Brancale, Cardiff University

Macartan Humphreys, WZB in Berlin and Columbia University

Sylvie Garneau-Tsodikova, University of Kentucky

Tanusree Jain, Copenhagen Business School

Robert Klemmensen, University of Southern Denmark

Beth Leech, Rutgers University

Marie Migaud, University of South Alabama

Rickard Sandell, Universidad Carlos III

Laura Sudulich, University of Essex

Donald Weaver, University of Toronto