Jonathan S. Franke


What players are saying .....

The violin is doing wonders, it's an immense  joy to play and reveals new possibilities all the time. Superb.

I will have a wonderful summer in Oregon, playing my new magic fiddle!

That's the best 5 string I've ever played!

I got to play the instrument with the band I play with last night and it sounded amazing, now we're all in love!

~been recording over the holidays, and the fiddle (5 string) sounds AMAZING!~


Out of my studio in Monroe, Oregon, I am currently building several different models of violins, 5 string violins, violas, cellos, and bass. 


If you would like to visit the studio please

 call in advance for an appointment.

(541)-740-8904 (call or text)

Franke Violin Studios

Jonathan S Franke

1381 Commercial Street

Monroe, OR 97456 USA