The Channel Scraper Tool

  for violin, viola, and cello. 

The Channel Scraper is used in the place of or in conjunction with gouges to shape the concave surface (channel) above the purfling.

This is a PROFESSIONAL quality tool that yields PROFESSIONAL results. This CUSTOM MADE tool measures 3/8"x 1"x 2 1/2". The HIGH SPEED STEEL blade is removable for sharpening and shaping to the desired channel profile. The photo shows a portion of a partially finished maple violin back with the channel cut with this SOLID BRASS tool. The scraper cut is guided by following the outside and top of the plate edge. The clever design of this scraper will allow cutting in either direction. This allows the violinmaker to change the cutting direction as the wood grain changes. The result is a consistent channel around the whole plate. This is one of those tools that you will wonder how you built without it. 

Sharpening Instructions

$95.00 + $5.00 s/h in U.S. 



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Channel Scraper
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