Delabastita, V., & Maes, S. (Forthcoming). The feudal origins of manorial prosperity: Social interactions in 11th-century England. The Journal of Economic History.
[EHES Working Paper No. 190] [Accepted Version]

Buyst, E., & Delabastita, V. (Forthcoming). Regional inequalities in late-nineteenth-century female wages: Evidence from Belgian industry. The Journal of Interdisciplinary History.
[Accepted Version]

Delabastita, V., & Buyst, E. (2021). Intergenerational mobility of sons and daughters: Evidence from 19th-century West Flanders. European Review of Economic History, 25(2), 300-327.
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Working papers & selected work in progress

Colluding against workers
Joint with Michael Rubens
Status: available on SSRN; latest version
  R&R Journal of Political Economy

Does technological progress equal wage progress?
19th-century technological change, real wage growth and wage inequality
Joint with Maarten Goos
Status: working paper available on request

Wages & labor relations in England, 13th-15th century
Joint with Jordan Claridge & Spike Gibbs
Status: data collection & analysis ongoing

The (im)possibility of growth (figures):
A series of GDP & real wages for the Congo during 1885-1960
Joint with Robin Philips
Status: slides available on request; continued data collection ongoing

Book chapters

Philips, R., & Delabastita, V. (2020). Une perspective comparative sur le travail en Belgique des années 1830 aux années 1930.
In J-M. Olivier (Ed.), Le travail en Europe Occidentale des années 1830 aux années 1930: Mains d'Œuvres artisanales et industrielles, pratiques et questions sociales. Armand Colin.