NEW CONSTRUCTION: If you have an older driveway that is falling apart, new construction might be the best solution. Asphalt is one of the cheapest ways to have a driveway, or path way next to just having gravel. Asphalts driveways and paths can last just as long as concrete, but only if properly maintained. Every other year without skipping any years, and your driveway will likes a lifetime.

Cost of new constructions varies on many issues.

IF we have remove any area that is earth, concrete, or asphalt, this adds $1 per sq foot.

If we have to lay 4-6 inch gravel & minus as a base and tamp to compaction adds $1 per sq foot.

2 inches compressed to 1.33 inches is $2 per sq foot.

If you want a thicker surface than the normal 2 inches, then its 50 cents more an inch per sq foot.

Now driveways under 800 sq ft is additional charge of 25 cent a sq foot. (CONCRETE IS THE EXACT PRICE UNDER 800 SQ FT)

HIGH END $4.75 A SQ FT. for new construction, overlays are a lot cheaper.

Currently have a special for gravel driveways only for $3/sq foot for under 1000 sq ft for concrete construction only. Click here for more info.

Now if the driveway is larger you begin to see a decrease in price per sq foot.

1000 - 2000 15% off

2000 - 4000 20% off

4000 - 6000 25% off

6000 - 8000 30% off

8000 - 10,000 35% off

10,000 - 12,000 40% OFF

12,000 - 14,000 45% OFF

14,000 + 50% OFF

STRIPPING: $50 cent per linear foot for white or yellow. Handicap & Arrows $25 one color, $45 two colors. $10 per letter or number 12 inches.