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Example Workshops & Talks

    • Identities and Mindsets that Motivate Student Learning
    • The Science of Successful Learning
    • Forgetting What We Know: Re-conceiving Performance Support as Performance Learning
    • Tutoring to Make Learning Stick
    • The Peculiarities of Optimizing Memory: Online and Hybrid Course Development
    • You Have to Forget to Learn, and other Counter-intuitive Advice

Audiences have included students, middle school and high school teachers, college professors, non-profit education organizations, and researchers. For inquiries about various professional development workshops for instructors and Ultimate Lifehack: Learning How to Learn workshops for students, please contact Veronica Yan at

The Science of Successful Learning

Pearson Learning Makes Us Webinar Series 2016

(37 mins)

The Surprising Dynamics Behind How We Learn: Implications for Performance Support

FocusOn Learning Conference & Expo, Ontuitive Lightning Round 2016

(9 mins)

From Struggling to Learn to Learning to Struggle

UCLA Dissertation Launchpad Showcase 2014

(10 mins)

Efficient Learning is Not Always Easy Learning: The Peculiarities of Optimizing Memory

Pearson Mastering Conference Keynote Address 2013

(44 mins)

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