Workshops & Videos

Example Workshops & Talks

    • Identities and Mindsets that Motivate Student Learning
    • The Science of Successful Learning
    • Forgetting What We Know: Re-conceiving Performance Support as Performance Learning
    • Tutoring to Make Learning Stick
    • The Peculiarities of Optimizing Memory: Online and Hybrid Course Development
    • You Have to Forget to Learn, and other Counter-intuitive Advice

Audiences have included students, middle school and high school teachers, college professors, non-profit education organizations, and researchers. For inquiries about various professional development workshops for instructors and Ultimate Lifehack: Learning How to Learn workshops for students, please contact Veronica Yan at

Structuring Teaching for Long-term Learning

Dell Medical Grand Rounds 2018

(50 mins)

The Science of Successful Learning

Pearson Learning Makes Us Webinar Series 2016

(37 mins)

The Surprising Dynamics Behind How We Learn: Implications for Performance Support

FocusOn Learning Conference & Expo, Ontuitive Lightning Round 2016

(9 mins)

From Struggling to Learn to Learning to Struggle

UCLA Dissertation Launchpad Showcase 2014

(10 mins)

Efficient Learning is Not Always Easy Learning: The Peculiarities of Optimizing Memory

Pearson Mastering Conference Keynote Address 2013

(44 mins)

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