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UT Austin

  • Faculty Profile - [link]
  • Department of Educational Psychology - [link]
  • Human Development, Culture, and Learning Sciences - [link]

Authored Online Articles:

  • Learning Solutions Magazine: If You Think Training Should Make Learning Easy, You Are Doing It Wrong - [link]
  • LearningScientists.Org: Retrieval Strength Versus Storage Strength - [link]
  • APA Journals Article Spotlight: On Dislodging Learners’ Illusions about How Best to Learn - [link]

Media Coverage:

  • The Daily Texan: Research suggests overcoming failure in order to learn better - [link]
  • BPS Research Digest: How Guessing the Wrong Answer Helps You Learn the Right Answer - [link]
  • American RadioWorks Episode: The Science of Smart - Variation is the Key to Learning - [link] and [link]
  • MindShift: How relearning old concepts helps you learn new ones - [link]
  • APS Observations: Learning for Survival? Venom Overrides other Categories - [link]
  • UCLA 2014 College Report: Dissertation Launchpad: Connecting with Mainstream Audiences - [link]
  • The Daily Bruin: Dissertation Showcase merges social sciences, stories - [link]

Affiliated Labs:

  • USC Dornsife Mind & Society Center - [link]
  • UCLA Bjork Human Learning and Forgetting Lab - [link]
  • UCLA Castel Memory & Lifespan Lab - [link]