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Polytechnic University, Valencia, Spain PhD, Cum Laude, Visual Arts and Intermedia, November 2015 Dissertation: “The Experience of Regressive Listening as Presented by Theodor W. Adorno in the Music and the Sound Art Produced From 1990 to 2013.” (doi:10.4995/Thesis/ 10251/58771). Committee: Profs. Miguel Molina Alarcón, María José Martínez de Pisón, Carmen Pardo, Marina Pastor and Amparo Zacarés.
Polytechnic University, Valencia, Spain Master’s Degree in Visual Arts and Intermedia, July 2012 Thesis: “The Influence of New Music Production and Distribution Processes in Sound Creativity from 1990 to 2008.” Advisor: Professor Miguel Molina Alarcón.
Polytechnic University, Valencia, Spain Master’s Degree in Fine Arts — Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, 2005 Specialization in Multimedia Projects.
Sound art and music Audio and visual cultures Art education Digital and interactive art Critical Theory Social movements
“Premio Extraordinario de doctorado” 2017 (distinction awarded to the university’s best doctoral theses). Resistències Artístiques 2017: Grant awarded to artists to develop a project with the students and teachers of a public high school in Spain to be exhibited in 2018. PROMOE scholarship. Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Canada. Winter 2004. Erasmus scholarship. Bauhaus Universität, Weimar, Germany. September 2002 to June 2003.
Cartografia de l'entorn (forthcoming) — Museu de Belles Arts, Castellón, Spain, February 1-28. 2019Intramurs. Art Festival — Valencia, Spain, October 19-29. 2017. Urban intervention, narration and augmented reality. Art Públic, Universitat Pública — Valencia, Spain, October 2014. Mapa dels desitjos. Installation in the public space and online sound map (as member of Cràter). Ausblick Privat — Meiningen, Germany, September, 2003. Sound Installation at the Englischer Garten in Meiningen.
“Mapa dels desitjos,” Art Públic, Universitat Pública, catalog of the 17th “Mostra d’art públic per a joves creadors.” Valencia: Universitat de València, 2014. With Cràter (Verónica Soria Martínez, Neus Lozano Sanfèlix and Maria Vidagañ)
Book chapters“Technicism and impopularity of avant-garde art,” La torre del Virrey. Revista de estudios culturales. ISSN: 1885-7353. L’Eliana, Valencia (Spain): La torre del Virrey. Instituto de estudios culturales avanzados. (Accepted for publication).
Journal articles “Resounding Memory: Aural Augmented Reality and the Retelling of History.” Leonardo Music Journal, 27 (2018). Cambridge: The MIT Press. “La poesía de la música popular como instrumento para la fabricación del consenso durante la transición española.” Aula lírica, N. 10 (2018). ISSN 2157-8818. Dekalb, IL (USA): Northern Illinois University. "La cuarta voz: La idea de colectivo como interlocutor". AusArt 5 (1) (2017): 25-37. Leioa: University of the Basque Country. DOI:10.1387/ausart.17788 (With Neus Lozano Sanfèlix). “Art and Education: Common Spaces. Reflections Around the Artistic Practice Map of Wishes,” Educación Artística, Revista de Investigación (EARI). Núm. 7 (2016). ISSN: 1695-8403. Valencia, Spain: Institut Universitari de Creativitat i Innovacions Educatives, Universitat de València. (With Maria Vidagañ and Neus Lozano Sanfèlix). “Ideological Chillout Mix: Uso de visualidad, energía y conectividad en las aplicaciones de los servicios de escucha de música en línea”. AusArt 4 (1) (2016):119-127. Leioa: University of the Basque Country. DOI:10.1387/ausart.16688 “´Now I’m an independent´: The Evolution of the Anti-hero Figure in the Popular Sung Poetry Associated with the ‘Hipster’ Phenomenon,” Aula lírica, N. 7 (2015). ISSN 2157-8818. Dekalb, IL (USA): Northern Illinois University.
“The Fight for Visibility and the Luxury of Voluntary Anonymity,” The Social, 4th International Association for Visual Culture Biennial Conference. Boston University. October 1, 2016. “A Brief Study of Audio Editing Tools and Programming Environments According to the Concept of Interpassivity,” Interface Politics International Conference. Barcelona, April 27, 2016. “Higher Art Education as Interface,” Interface Politics International Conference. Barcelona, April 28, 2016. With Maria Vidagañ and Neus Lozano Sanfèlix. “Art and Education: Common Spaces,” 5th Conference on Pedagogical Connections in Higher Education: New Learning Environments. January 20, 2016. València: Universitat de València. With Maria Vidagañ and Neus Lozano Sanfèlix. “Commodify: Online Listening and Ideology Standardization,” Art, Science, City 2015 International Conference. Polytechnic University of Valencia, October 22, 2015.
Public Seminar: “Pedagogical Interactions between Art, Sound and Teaching.” February, 2018. Artist Workshop: “Hearing as Pedagogical Experiences in the Classroom.” University of Castellón “Jaume I”. January, 2018. Artist Workshop: “Mapping the Domain of Hearing.” University of Zaragoza at Teruel. January, 2018. Short Seminar: “Drifting around the city. Nature as a resisting force.” University of València, December, 2014 (designed workshop, contacted experts and delivered instruction as Cràter) Short Seminar. “Use of art strategies to gauge active engagement in the classroom.” University of Zaragoza, Teruel, July, 2014 (helped to design the workshop with Cràter) Referents! — Artist Workshop. Festival d’Art Intramurs, València, October, 2015, as Cràter(with Neus Lozano and Maria Vidagañ).