Mapa dels desitjos / Cràter (Verónica Soria Martínez, Neus Lozano Sanfèlix and Maria Vidagañ).In Map of Wishes, by collective Cràter, our goal was to find out what the members of the university community would do with their lives if they did not have to worry about money for the rest of their lifes. Would their goals be the same? Would they keep doing the same things, that is, studying, teaching, learning? We interviewed students, professors and staff of the university, and recorded their answers. These could be accessed through QR codes placed in the interviewees' preferred locations on campus, creating an itinerary to be explored and listened with the aid of a mobile device. The answers were also stored in an online archive and could be explored on an online sound map. This project was exhibited in October 2014 within the 17. Mostra d'Art Públic at the University of Valencia.