Pitching Event Basics

Pitching for Funding event updates:


10 Contestants will be chosen from a larger group of Startup Applicants by the Event Judging Committee (the “Committee”) after the Applications have been reviewed.

Each Contestant will pitch for three minutes and will answer questions from the Committee (and from any possible audience members not affiliated with the Contestants).

Three Equity Funding Investments will be granted (these are straight cash awards for company Equity, whether for company stock or LLC partnership units),… not notes or bonds, which usually have fixed interest or dividend payments due to investors:

1) $5,000 for 2% of company Equity

2) $3,000 for 2% of company Equity

3) $2,000 for 2% of company Equity

Cash investments representing 1/3rd of the total will be made at the date of completion of each of three milestones which the Contestants will have proposed to the Committee and to which the Committee will have agreed. Investment Agreements will be made available on this website well before the Event.

Good luck to all!

Pitching Suggestions for the Event

  1. Introductions: your name, names of any co-founders and name of your startup.
  2. Provide a brief description of what your business does and your target customers.
  3. What is the problem or issue that your business solves, and what is the solution?
  4. Give a brief description of your competition.
  5. How do you, or what are your plans to gain customers?
  6. If you have revenue, describe how it is earned.
  7. What are the next two milestones for your startup?