The Science and Art of Conservation & Restoration


Our main goal is to deepen the relationship between our cultural heritage and the field of preservation and restoration. Cultural heritage is the human history that we all belong to, and it is our duty to preserve it. VENIS STUDIOS aims to contribute, through scientific methods, to the preservation of artworks and the exploration of their authenticity and history through preservation and restoration processes rooted in UNESCO's principles. Therefore, the artworks themselves, along with their historical, artistic, social, human, and spiritual messages, are transferred to future generations. This is done to preserve our human culture and honor our ancestors, painters, iconographers, sculptors, and all the artists and creators of the ancient past.

Our goal is to enhance the unity of the past, present, and future, as well as the unity and brotherhood of nations, cultures, and humanity.

The conservator and restorer are the Art Doctors for artworks. They treat artworks, protect them, and provide the care they need for their preservation. They have a unique way of communicating with art.

In order to save our past, from which we learn, we can provide a better future for ourselves and future generations.