VCWC Policies

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment for your wrestler.

We have implemented policies to protect all wrestlers as well as ensure compliance with our insurance and USAW sanction.

Practice Rooms

- Due to new USAW regulations and new insurance requirements, all wrestling rooms will be closed. Any person 19 and older who enters the wrestling room during practice must have a current USAW Leadership Membership.

Matside and Unauthorized Coaching

- No one is allowed matside during tournaments without a USAW Leadership Membership. First offense will be a warning, second offense will be automatic dismissal from the club. Our club’s Sanction and Insurance is dependent upon us not allowing anyone to be in contact with the Wrestlers who are not USAW Leadership Members.

Ejection from Tournament

- The board reserves the right to dismiss any wrestler from the club when a wrestler and/or wrestler’s parent(s) is ejected from a tournament.

Weight Changes

- As a club we don’t advocate “cutting” weight. A large part of wrestling is discipline and maintaining weight is a huge part of the discipline it takes to succeed in this sport. We will only allow one “bump up” per season (if tournament allows). Any future missed weights will result in a scratch for that tournament.

Practice Pick-Up

- Please be prompt in picking up your wrestler from practice. Failure to pick your wrestler up within 15 minutes of practice ending will result in a 1 week suspension from practice. Board reserves the right to dismiss any wrestler for repeated offenses. If an emergency arises, please contact a board member (via Remind) to make arrangements.

Tournament Registration

- You must register and pay for each tournament by 8:00pm on the final date for registration (see calendar). We will no longer accept late registration.

- Contacting the tournament director to add your wrestler is a violation of our policy and will result in VCWC scratching your wrestler from the tournament and forfeiture of any fees paid.

Tournaments not on VC Schedule

- Any wrestler wishing to attend a USAW sanctioned tournament that is not on the VC schedule must have prior approval from the board. Failure to obtain board approval will result in dismissal from the club.

Contacting Tournament Directors

- Please refrain from contacting tournament directors. Please direct all questions to the board.