Coaches Information

Mandatory Coaches Meeting November 8th @ 7:30

New USAW Coaching Requirements for the 2018-2019 Season:

  • You will no longer receive a USAW coaches card, it is now called a USAW Leadership Membership.
  • The Club can no longer order USAW Leadership Membership Cards. You must order through USAW Membership Website.
  • Background Checks are now Free.
  • Safe Sport will have refresher courses. If you have your card before the course is available you are good. If the course is available you must take it before you receive your card.
  • More information on new requirements can be found on the USAWKS website.

VCWC Coaching Requirements

  • Please email when you receive your card.
  • VCWC requires that you attend at least 2 practices per week in order to coach at tournaments.
  • The VCWC board reserves the right to terminate your affiliation with VCWC if you don't follow our policies and quidelines.