16-30 May 2020 ... unfortunately not :(


map of Lithuania by Andrius Ramanauskas

VilniusRusne2020 is a journey for canoe and sup paddlers along Neris and Nemunas rivers, through the 3 "Capitals" of Lithuania (Vilnius, Kernave, Kaunas), ending in Rusne after 370km and 8 days paddling

Vilnius-Kernave-Kaunas along Neris river (WW1): 175km in 4 days


Kaunas-Rusne along Nemunas river (WW1): 195km in 4 days

  • VilniusRusne2020 is a luggage on board tour. Cars will be left securely parked in Vilnius and retrieved after the tour.
  • A dinner for participants is often available, with local food, prepared by local people, and local beer. Vegetarian options (not always) available.
  • Overnight stay is with own tent and equipment. Toilet may be a cabin. Shower may not be available.
  • The tour aims to reduce waste, garbage, plastic: participants are strongly encouraged to implement measures for this purpose.
  • Estimated participation costs, including dinners, visits, transport Rusne-Vilnius: 300 Euro.
  • Facebook Event page
  • Registration Form
  • Rules of participation

DRAFT program, 16-30 May 2020

Sa 16 Su 17 Mo 18 : Arrival in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania

  1. Sa 16 : Vilnius Base Camp
  2. Su 17 : Vilnius Base Camp
  3. Mo 18 : Vilnius Base Camp
  4. Mo 18 15h00 : Vilnius, Cathedral, Visit of the city
  5. Mo 18 18h00 : Vilnius, Armenian Grill, Welcoming dinner

Tu 19 We 20 Th 21 Fr 22 : Four paddling days along the Neris from Vilnius to Kaunas, 175km

  1. Tu 19 09h00 : Vilnius, Vehicles are brought to a parking place in Vilnius and then drivers go back to the base camp by bus
  2. Tu 19 12h00 : Vilnius -> Grigiskes, 30km. Dinner
  3. We 20 : Grigiskes -> Kernave 2km+53km. Dinner
  4. Th 21 : Kernave -> Jonava 49km. Dinner
  5. Fr 22 : Jonava -> Kaunas, 39km. Welcoming dinner

Sa 23 : Rest day in Kaunas, European Capital of Culture 2022

  1. Sa 23 15h00 : Kaunas, Visit of the city

Su 24 Mo 25 Tu 26 We 27 : Four paddling days along the Nemunas from Kaunas to Rusne, 195km

  1. Su 24 : Kaunas -> Veliuona 49km. Dinner
  2. Mo 25 : Veliuona -> Smalininkai 48km. Dinner
  3. Tu 26 : Smalininkai -> Panemune 52km. Dinner
  4. We 27 : Panemune -> Rusne 46km. Dinner

Th 28 : Rest day in Rusne. Trips (registration here)

  1. Th 28 08h00 : Rusne, 9-10 hours van trip to Nida, 220km (*)
  2. Th 28 09h00 : Rusne, 5-6 hours paddling trip to Minija, 30km (*)

Fr 29 : Transport of participants to Vilnius (5h00 drive). Farewell dinner in Kaunas. Overnight camp in Kaunas

  1. Fr 29 09h00 : Rusne, Bus to Vilnius
  2. Fr 29 18h00 : Kaunas, Panerio poilsiavete, Farewell dinner

Sa 30 : Farewell day


Please note:

  • (*) the cost of this activity is extra
  • we try our best, but vegetarian dinner cannot be always guaranteed
  • we try our best, but (warm) shower cannot be always guaranteed
  • we try our best, but toilet may sometimes be just a portable toilet or a cabin
  • tap water is generally drinkable, but there may be exceptions (instead Lithuanian beer is very good!)
  • the weather may be sunny and warm, but also rainy and cold: come with appropriate equipment!
  • bring your own camping equipment. Anyway we will pass you a list of rooms to contact at your care and cost
  • it is highly recommended to have a good canoe cart, to carry your boat and your stuff on land. For 150 euro you can order in advance and find upon your arrival in Lithuania this model Eckla Expedition with puncture proof tires 260mm:

Options (based on FAQs)

These options - if booked in due time - may be offered by external entities and subject to extra costs

  • Wish shorter paddling stages and alternative programs? A van will follow the tour, to catch those who wish to paddle only in the morning on shorter river sections and arrive earlier to the daily base camp
  • Wish to rent a boat? Double and single canoes (open canoes and kayaks) will be transported to Lithuania, available for rental for the tour
  • Wish luggage transportation during the tour? A van will follow the tour, available for luggage transport
  • Wish a paddling partner? If possible more experienced? Expert paddlers will host a partner on the front seat
  • Wish to come without tent? A common tent, camping mattresses and sleeping bags will be available for those arriving by plane and wishing to travel light
  • Wish to join later or leave earlier? No problem: a van and trailer can take you and your boat or bring you back to your car
  • Wish to join only for the first part of the tour, from Vilnius to Kaunas? You will leave your car, if any, in Vilnius in the same parking place where all participants leave their car, and join the group for the first week. Then you'll take a bus to Vilnius to catch your car. Your estimated participation costs in this case are 200 euro
  • Wish to join only for the second part of the tour, from Kaunas to Rusne? You will leave your car, if any, in Kaunas (no parking place provided by the organization), and join the group for the last week. A van will bring you to Kaunas while driving back to Vilnius. Your estimated participation costs in this case are 200 euro

National coordinators

  1. GB : Steve Royle
  2. IRL : Steve Royle
  3. ITA : Fiammetta Curcio
  4. LT: Evelina Zickiene

VilniusRusne2020 twins with TiberTour2020

The 1st International paddling event in Lithuania, VilniusRusne2020, twins with the 41st International Tiber Tour in Italy, TiberTour2020

Reasons for twinning:

  • both tours take place on main rivers of the respective countries: Neris and Nemunas in Lithuania; Tiber in Italy
  • both tours passes through the respective Capitals: starting in the Capital Vilnius; ending in the Capital Rome
  • both tours are environmental friendly, with drastic reduction of waste, no plastic packaging allowed for bottles, plates, cutleries, etc

TiberTour2020 offers:

  • free participation (value 280 euro) to all Lithuanian participants which are registered to VilniusRusne2020 (full registration)
  • 50 euro bonus to all TiberTour2020 participants(full registration) for the participation to VilniusRusne2020 (full registration)

VilniusRusne2020 offers:

  • 50 euro bonus to all TiberTour2020 participants (full registration) for the participation to VilniusRusne2020 (full registration)