Vandens Judėjimas

Lithuania: Paddling into nature

Vandens Judėjimas, which means moving water, is a non-profit organisation conceived in May 2019 and established in September 2019 to promote paddling water sports and outdoor tourism in Lithuania

VJ's vision is:

  • for Lithuania to become a country of waterway-tourism on rivers, lakes, the lagoon, the sea

VJ's mission is:

  • to promote water sports on rivers, lakes, the lagoon, the sea
  • to promote natural, active, respectful use of waterways
  • to promote outdoor eco-tourism
  • to promote sport and outdoor activities for the youth, for the old, for socially disadvantaged people
  • to promote events related to water sports and outdoor activities
  • to cooperate with other entities, Lithuanian and foreign, for all the aforementioned activities
  • to offer water sports and outdoor lessons, training, guidance, advice, team building, courses
  • to design and test water sports and outdoor equipment and products
  • to distribute in Lithuania and abroad selected sport equipment and products

VJ's members strive for:

  • peace, tolerance, fraternity, solidarity, helpfulness, openness, gifting, community profit, inclusion, health and love for nature and for human beings.

VJ appreciates:

  • organic farming: expression of love for lands and waters
  • repair, reuse, recycling: to avoid unnecessary production and to respect the labour of man
  • local genuine food: to enter in deep contact with true local communities
  • wood: the most beautiful natural material

VJ is open:

  • to all people and bodies who share our goals and ideals of Lithuania becoming a country of water sports respectful of the beauty of nature here

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