Faculty Advisor

Dr. Diana Franz


Professor Franz has been a leader of our great institution for decades. Coming up on twenty years ago, she came in as the Faculty Adviser of our chapter of Beta Alpha Psi. The Gamma Epsilon chapter was on the verge of a shutdown, with no clear leadership at its helm. That’s when Professor Franz stepped in. Upon hearing the plans for the future of Beta’s president at the time, she couldn’t let the organization go by the wayside. She became the leader that the Gamma Epsilon chapter so desperately needed. The goals set forth by the then president, while lofty, all managed to be achieved. With the potential growth and the promise of future stability in hand, Professor Franz has stayed the course. Even while serving multiple sessions as chair of the accounting department, her commitment has not diminished. Whether she is teaching, attending any number of our member’s events, or everything else she does to help our students, she has provided a great service to all she has met. Without Professor Franz, our chapter would not stand as it does today.

Winner of the 2018 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award!

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