Tour Our Llama Farm

Tours include llama orientation, feed, brush pet and walk llamas.

See the beautiful peacocks wandering the farm, exotic parrots, lotus Koi pond & minature sacred zebu cows.

Utah County may not have its own zoo, but unusual animal experiences can still be had. About 30 llamas live on 15 landscaped acres adjoining KHQN radio station one mile south of Spanish Fork. Not only at Llama Fest, but throughout the year, guests are attracted to visit the property because of the animals. Caretaker Vai Warden says the llamas are extremely calm, gentle and non-aggressive. They don’t bite, kick, or spit (on humans).

The tours last an hour, and cost a basic fee of $20 plus $ 2.00 per person. For groups of 5 or more $1 per person. Special discout rates for large groups. This donation helps buy the hay.


Should be done at least 48 hours in advance for these guided tours. Call Vai at (801) 919-9933


Have fun & at the same time contribute to the community, schedule a time to train & maintain the llamas.

Alternatively, groups can bring bags of mini carrots or sliced apples and feed the llamas without an appointment or any fees or guide.

A buffet lunch and salad bar is open daily on the premises from 11.30 am until 7 pm.