Llama Farm

Rent llamas for  Pack Trips, Hikes, Parties, Weddings, and More.

Planning a backpacking adventure in the mountains? Scheduling an afternoon outing for the kids? Looking for a great group excursion? Make Utah Valley Llamas part of your adventure! 

Llama Rental, Sales and Breeding

Bring a Llama along for your next hike, activity, or camping trip! 

or just

Tour Our Llama Farm

Show them some love. They will love you back ! Move aside if their ears are down. 

Tours include llama orientation, feed, brush  pet and walk llamas. See the beautiful peacocks wandering the farm, exotic parrots, lotus Koi pond & minature sacred zebu cows. 

Llamas may be available for sale.  Check with us for a Sheep Guard or pair of Pets

One llama can guard a whole herd of sheep against predators. 


"They know how to do almost all of the things we ask them to do: cross streams, carry loads, be calm and polite." 

"Thanks for helping us have a great trip. We hope to do it again in the future." 

"If you have been to the festival before, you realize that for an afternoon you're just taking a trip back to the Andes."