Using the Unboxing Experience to Your Company’s Advantage

Do you ever get a little giddy when receiving a package that you ordered online from a specific company? Not just because you finally got the item you ordered, but because, you know, you get to open it? It’s reminiscent of your birthday or Christmas, like a gift to yourself.

The process of unboxing items is very ritualistic. There’s a sense of wonder and excitement that surrounds the sealed box. Even if you do know what’s in it, it just comes across as exciting to take the package inside, sit down, and open something new to use.

A few smart companies are taking advantage of this ritual. While most smaller companies that ship their products choose to simply slap a label on a sealed cardboard box and get it on the road, a few crafty businesses realize the branding and marketing opportunities that surround the unboxing process.

First Glance

What does the package look like when you first receive it? Is it an unmarked box with a small shipping label on it and nothing else? This is the norm, of course. But doing literally anything different makes your package stand out. It can make your neighbors jealous that you have something unique. It also piques others’ interests in a way that makes them want to know “Oh, where’s that from?” You want your company to be exciting and interesting to potential customers, so make your packaging exciting and interesting to your already acquired customers.

Try putting a ribbon around the box. Or wrapping it in a specific neutral wrapping paper. Or stamp the box with your company logo. Handwrite the label. Print the label yourself on unique paper. Whatever it is, set yourself apart from the pack.

The Extras Within

You’ll obviously put the product that your customer ordered inside the package. But how can you also make that experience different?

Whether you choose to include packing peanuts that are bright and colorful or tissue paper to make it fancier, your unique take on packing to ensure the product is received unharmed will stick in your recipient’s mind until their next package comes.

Go Beyond the Product

Freebies feel good when you’re the customer. Even if it’s as miniscule as a handwritten thank you note, it’s something that you didn’t purchase but can appreciate. The unboxing experience is the perfect time to throw in a coupon, too. You’ll make your customers feel valued if you simply throw a little extra in that they didn’t pay for (no matter how small it is to your company).

As we said before, the unboxing experience is a special moment for recipients of packages. Make your customer feel special by spicing up your packaging and giving them a sense of wonder when they finally receive your product.

You don’t run your company as just another business, do you? Keep your distance from the masses of unmarked cardboard boxes and personalize your brand starting with the package itself.