Food Packaging

Pizza Boxes to Preserve Freshness of Pizzas

Everybody appreciates a delicious pizza. Bigger part of this deliciousness consists of the freshness. And this freshness is maintained only with the help of an effective pizza packaging. Role of pizza boxes is something which we can never overlook. The pizza boxes are available in different shapes, types and sizes. The availability of this variety helps in ensuring freshness of pizzas of different shapes, sizes and types.

Having that said, there are some types of pizza boxes to talk about.

Plain Pizza Packaging Boxes

You can choose from a wide range of printed pizza boxes. Nevertheless, you can also choose from a wider range of wholesale pizza boxes which are basically the plain boxes. And the best thing about these boxes is that they are good at providing protection to not only pizzas but also to a lot of other baked goods. The best feature of these boxes is their durable structure that gives those boxes the strength. The pre-notch sides of these boxes help in the easy assembling of these boxes.

Ventilated Pizza Boxes

Ventilated pizza boxes are made to let the moisture leave the box and steam properly regulated. However, this ventilation is not that of traditional type. The best thing about these boxes is that they do not allow contamination to enter in the area where pizza is located. The vents are of such types which are able to ensure freshness of pizza for a longer period of time.

Pizza Boxes for Logo Recognition

These are the special pizza boxes on which you can get the logo of your brand printed. You can also get the brand slogan printed on these boxes. If you do not get anything printed on those boxes, they are going to look more like the plain boxes which are not quite attractive when it comes to the branding factor. The main advantage of getting the brand message printed is that you can attract attention of your customers and, eventually, enhance the sales.

Custom window boxes

If you do not want to print the logo but you still want to attract customers, you can use custom window pizza boxes. The clear plastic will be used on the top cut of the cardboard in order to make the pizza inside the box visible to the customers. The matter of fact is that the view of original product can be quite appealing in most of the scenarios. This is the reason that window boxes for pizzas are a major hit.

Slice Mini Pizza Boxes

In many cases, you may not want to buy a full pizza. In that scenario, the best idea is to buy the pizza slice or slices. And the good news for such buyers is that there are boxes available that can accommodate only one slice.