"When one teaches, two learn"Robert Heinlein

Dani Byrd's particular interest is in articulatory timing or how the skilled, sound producing movements of the vocal tract are coordinated as a result of linguistic structuring, such as phrasal and syllable structure. (Professor, Dept. Linguistics)

Sandra Ferrari Disner works in the areas of phonetics and forensic linguistics. She is also interested in speaker identification, trademark law, enhanced transcription techniques, speech technology, and language translation. (Associate Professor [Teaching], Dept. Linguistics)

Louis Goldstein's work has been the development, with Catherine Browman, of a gesture-based approach to phonological and phonetic structure--Articulatory Phonology. His current research within this framework includes: phonological encoding in speech production; the emergence of phonological structure in development, modeled via the interaction of computational agents; and syllable structure understood as intergestural coordination. (Professor, Dept. Linguistics)

Khalil Iskarous's work focuses on the links between speech production and speech perception and the implication of these links to the phonological structure of languages with the specific goal of understanding how the dynamics of tongue and vocal fold movement structure acoustic signals and perceptual processes, supported by the development hardware and software platforms for measuring and simulating tongue and vocal fold motion. (Associate Professor, Dept. Linguistics)

Shrikanth Narayanan's interests include speech and language processing systems, with a focus on automatic speech recognition. Additionally, he explores biomedical imaging of articulation and modeling of speech production and speech acoustics. (Niki & C. L. Max Nikias Chair in Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Linguistics, Psychology, Neuroscience and Pediatrics)

Stephanie Shih's research centers on the role of sound structures in the cognitive system and in the external world: how phonology interacts with phonetics, phonological influences on morphosyntax and lexical variation, feature discovery in category learning, and the intersection of music and language. Her work deploys statistical machine learning and corpus-based methods for natural language research. (Assistant Professor, Dept. Linguistics)

Rachel Walker's chief interest is in the theoretical characterization of grammaticalized sound patterns and how cognitive factors play a role in determining those patterns. A special focus of her work is understanding why and how sounds tend to share characteristics both locally and globally within words. (Professor, Dept. Linguistics)

Affiliated Faculty

Deniz Rudin

Assistant Professor of Linguistics, USC Dornsife College

Toben Mintz

Associate Professor of Psychology, USC Dornsife College

Jason Zevin

Associate Professor of Psychology, USC Dornsife College

Krishna Nayak

Professor, USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Sungbok Lee

Research Asst. Professor (retired), USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Peter Ladefoged (in memoriam)

Adjunct Professor, USC; Professor Emeritus, UCLA