Imperial College, December 18, 2017

General Information

The meeting will take place at Imperial College London in room 201 of the Skempton Building in the South Kensington Campus. The closest tube station is South Kensington station. To get to London, see For getting around in London, visit the TFL website.

The meeting will be from 10.00hr-16.15hr, with registration and coffee from 9.30 onwards.

Attendance to the meeting is free.

Simulation South Kensington area

Image courtesy Tom Grylls


9.30 Coffee

10.00 Welcome (Zheng-Tong Xie and Maarten van Reeuwijk)

10.05 Wind Engineering in the Digital Age (Steven Downie, ARUP). Chair Andrew Quinn, Birmingham

10.50 Overview of challenges identified in the previous meeting (Maarten van Reeuwijk, Imperial)

11.15 Coffee

11.45 Scoping a challenge I. Flows around/in buildings (Ender Ozkan, RWDI and Mark Stirling, Birmingham)

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Invited talks. Chair Gabriel Rooney, Met Office

· An overview of APRIL (Alan Robins, Surrey)

· Urban fluid mechanics’ relevance to PHE work areas (James Stewart-Evans, PHE)

· Modelling urban airflow and natural ventilation using a GPU-based lattice-Boltzmann method (Amirul Khan; Leeds)

· The NAME dispersion model and UDINEE (Lois Huggett, Met Office)

15.00 Scoping a challenge II. Dispersion in urban areas (Steven Herring, DSTL and Alan Robins, Surrey)

16.15 Close and drinks (Zheng-Tong Xie, So'ton)

Summary of the brainstorm sessions