uOttawa Nordiq training detailed in the sheet below is based on this year-round program designed with the student-athlete in mind. The weekly hours are guidelines for GREY (350 h/yr - a good plan for busy students) or GARNET (500 h/yr for athletes who have been gradually building up training hours over the years and with a solid fitness foundation). Adjust these hours depending on your school load, training background, and current fitness. Note the variation in hours - this is important to stimulate a physiological response and allow your body to recover, adapt, and get stronger.

Workout Details

Monthly Training Plans 2018-19 uOttawa Nordiq
  • THIS PAGE explains more about intensity workouts (Zone 3, Zone 4, and Zone 5), and gives examples of alternate workouts.
  • We will update the calendar with workout guidelines. If you need to modify the workouts or are training on your own, consult these resources for guidelines.

Strength Training

Strength training programs are available here.

IF IT MATTERS, MEASURE IT! To get the most out of the program, log your Training in SportLog! This type of monitoring will also help you stick to your plan. SportLog is one of the most popular athlete tracking system for Canadian nordic skiers, and athletes and coaches in other sports are increasingly using SportLog to monitor training.

Petter at Nakkertok. . . logging his training or posting on Instagram?

Team Practices

We'll hold team practices beginning in September. Practices will be Tuesday AM, Thursday AM, and Saturday or Sunday AM. Athlete workouts for the rest of the weekdays are listed below.

  • Fall weekday practices will start at 7 AM and be close to campus for those with early classes (approx workout time 1.5 h but you can adjust depending you your schedule). Weekend practices will be at 8 AM in the Gatineau Park on Saturday or Sunday.
  • TRAINING LOCATIONS, workouts, and practice times will be updated on the practice schedule. Start times may vary occasionally, as we will try to combine some workouts with other teams (Nakkertok NJDT, Carleton U Nordic).
  • Winter On Snow Practices will be mostly at Nakkertok Nordic South on Tues and Thurs AM (7:30 - 9:00) so students should be able to make a 10 AM class, and one weekend day TBD depending on racing schedule.
  • Athletes are responsible for coordinating their own transportation to team practices. We have a Facebook Group to coordinate ride sharing.
  • Athletes are encouraged to get together for other workouts on the training program.

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Popular Training Locations

uOttawa is close to many amazing training venues! Our team trains at most of the marked locations on the map below.

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