Services and Guidelines

We offer tutoring services for the following courses:

  • MA085 A & B (Fundamentals of Mathematics)

  • MA089 (Fundamentals of Mathematics, Level A & B)

  • MA110 (Basic Mathematical Applications)

  • MA115 (Introductory College Algebra)

  • MA151 (Introductory Statistics)

  • MA161 A & B (College Algebra and Trigonometry)

  • MA165 (Precalculus)

  • MA203 (Calculus I)

  • MA385 (Applied Statistics)

  • MA387 (Statistics for Sciences)

In order to ensure we provide the most effective services, we kindly ask you to follow the Tutor Lab Guidelines.

  1. ALL virtual tutoring session will be via Zoom.

    • To download Zoom, please visit: It's free for Mac, PC, iOS and Android.

    • If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, click here for tutorials.

  2. ALL virtual tutoring sessions will be recorded for liability purposes. Students may record the session as well.

  3. Please be prepared to meet with your tutor.

    • Have your materials needed for the session ready. This includes your supplies (such as pen/pencil and paper), notes, textbook, and specific questions.

  4. Turn off your cell phone or put it on silent mode.

  5. Be mindful of the space around you. Pick a quiet place to hold your tutor session. Microphones can pick up a lot of noise. You want to make sure the tutor can hear you. In addition, you want to hear the tutor.

  6. Tutors will not be able to assist with any sort of exam or quiz.

Tutoring is limited to one session (maximum of 1 hour = 60 minutes) per student, per day. You are expected to work between sessions and make progress on your assignment before returning to see a tutor.

Please keep in mind that the tutors are not there to replace or substitute your instructor. If you missed a lecture day, please see your instructor.