Services and Guidelines

We offer tutoring services for the following courses

**We highly encourage students to book an appointment for 200-level or higher math courses.**

Additional tutoring services for courses that are not included in the list above may depend on the availability of tutor(s) for the specific subject matter or may be available through special arrangements. 

In order to ensure we provide the most effective services, we kindly ask you to follow the Tutor Lab Guidelines.

Virtual Tutoring sessions will be held via Zoom and are limited to one session (maximum of 60 minutes) per students, per day. Hours for online tutoring have been adjusted due to the change in policies for Zoom users. 

In-person Tutoring is limited to one session (maximum of 1 hour = 60 minutes) per student, per day. Appointments have a 15-minute grace period before cancellation. You are expected to work between sessions and make progress on your assignment before returning to see a tutor.

To ensure all students have an equal opportunity to benefit from our tutoring services, we ask that when booking an appointment, DO NOT book more than one session per day.

Please keep in mind that the tutors are not there to replace or substitute your instructor. If you missed a lecture day, please see your instructor.