Appointments Policy

NOTICE: Appointments must be made through the Setmore website (click button below). We do not accept appointments made via email (unless same day appointments). Zoom will be used for virtual tutoring sessions. Please contact us via phone at 735-2064 or via email at (DISCLAIMER: emails are checked during operational hours. Emails received after hours will be checked the following business day).

Making an Appointment (PLEASE READ!):

  • Only students currently enrolled in any of the following classes: MA085A/B , MA089, MA110, MA115, MA151, MA161A/B, MA165, MA203, MA385, MA387, may schedule an appointment.

  • Tutors are expected to assist one student at a time to ensure a successful appointment.

  • Each student has a maximum of 1 hour of tutoring per day.

  • A student has until 7PM each day to book an appointment for the following day. You may book an appointment earlier than that.

  • To make an appointment, the student must visit the Setmore page ( by clicking the "Book Appointment" button below.

  • After booking an appointment, the student will receive a confirmation email to the email provided.

      • Student must refer back to this email when rescheduling or cancelling the appointment.

  • Prior to the appointment, student will receive an email containing the Zoom room details.

  • Students can cancel or reschedule an appointment up to 1 hour prior.

      • Link to cancel/reschedule will be provided in the Setmore appointment confirmation email.

      • To cancel an appointment within the hour prior, the student must contact the Mathematics Tutor Lab via Email or phone.

  • Excessive cancellations and rescheduling may result in cancellation of all future appointments.

  • Booking a same-day appointment is subject to availability of tutors.

      • To make a same-day appointment, please contact the Math Tutor Lab via email or phone


  • The tutor lab is now accepting walk-in appointments virtually and in-person on a first come first serve basis.

  • To assist "walk-ins" for virtual sessions, a tutor will be available in the Math Tutor Lab Zoom room during the hours of operation.

      • Students may join the Math Tutor Lab Zoom wait room and will be assisted in the order they joined.

      • Wait time will vary, however each student will have up to 30 minutes of assistance.

      • Walk-in Zoom Room:
        Meeting ID:
        573 664 0908
        Password: 7352064

Please read through the GUIDELINES (click here) prior to your appointment.