The Team

2017 Betabots Competition - The Originals

Ryan, Ahmad, Dat, Tyler, Vincent, Navin, Kiran, Firoz, Meet, Usman, April, Risat, Kevin, Andy

2018 - FRC Power Up Season

Meet, Harshal, Usman, Ryan, Tyler, April Kiran, Risat, Firoz, Ahmad, Eghosa, Mr. Hall, Dat, Navin, Andy, Payal, Simrit, Mr. Way

2019 - FTC Rover Ruckus Season

Teams 14718 - Ted Harisson Timberbots (red), 14716 Terry Fox Trackers (navy blue), 14715 Peter Lougheed Thunder, 14713 Crossing Park Cobras, 14717 and 15259 The Mandela United Squadron Second and Third Units

2019 - FRC Deep Space Season

Dhruvee, Risham, Gurlin, Sahib, Fiza, Henry, Andy, Sanchit, April, Dat, Risat, Manjusha, Ryan, Usman, Tyler, Vincent, Mr. Harke, Mr. Way, Kevin, ?, Harshal, Meet, Ahmad, Sunny, Ms. Way, Kiran, Melody.

2020 - FRC Infinite Recharge Season

2021 FIRST Tech Challenge Ultimate Goal

No team picture.

2022 FIRST Tech Challenge Freight Frenzy

Mr.Way, Shaneel, Shobhit, Jimmy, Luke, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Haustein, Archit, Sahil, Tyseer, Sara Rose, Arshpreet, Ayushii, Lydia, Simar. Ariana, Theo, Jujhar, Yash, Damian, Harbir, Ritikha Arsh, Elmar