United Squadron

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 7277

FIRST Tech Challenge Teams 7277, 14717, 15259, 21595

Nelson Mandela High School Robotics Team

Calgary Alberta Canada

Who are we?

The United Squadron is a First Robotics team based in Calgary, Canada at Nelson Mandela High School.

Our goal and beliefs are to encourage STEM education and accessibility within our local community and the international community.

Currently we are running FIRST Tech Challenge Teams:

  • 7277 The United Squadron - First Unit

  • 14717 The United Squadron - Second Unit

  • 15259 The United Squadron - Third Unit

  • 21595 The United Squadron - WD (Women's Division)

We also support a variety of FIRST Technology Challenge Initiatives including our feeder schools teams:

  • Team 14713 - The Crossing Park Cobras

  • Team 14715 - the Peter Lougheed Lords of Thunder

  • Team 14716 - The Fox Trackers

  • Team 14718 - The Ted Harisson Timberbots

Current events for our team can be accessed at the below blog.

This website is a location for team resources that all FIRST Robotics Programs are welcome to use.

Follow us on Twitter @7277MandelaFRC


No member of a Squadron flies alone and we are always thankful to our supporters.

2019-2021 Season

2018 - 2019 Season

And, as always we are supported by our home high school, Nelson Mandela High School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada