Everyday Gym Routines

Here are two 4-exercise workouts that you can do anytime this week.

Duration: 15-20 minutes

2-Minutes of Pilates Breathing

Do the pilates breathe training standing or seated. If you get dizzy, at first, that's normal.

Beginners: inhale and exhale through the nose

Intermediate: try inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth

5-10 Minutes of Indoor Running at this pace

Don't have a machine, don't worry -- just do five sets of 2-minutes running in place.

Deep Stretch

If there is one move you need to master for a whole body stretch and tone, it is this one.

Can't sit like him, no worries -- grab a cushion or block to give your hamstring the room it needs until you eventually have softer tendons and joints to master this seat spine stretch on the floor.

Finish your workout standing

Keep your plank nice and dynamic. You'll gain the core strength you're seeking. By changing up your plank like this, all your major joints will have a nice soft tissue massage. And you'll get a lymphatic drainage that will push out toxins and eliminate water retention in the limbs.

Mountain Climbers

This is your whole body workout. If you have only 5-10 minutes and you have only one exercise you can do at work or while waiting at home that requires minimal floorspace -- the mountain climber will keep you in shape.

Kick it up a notch: speed up or add a spider in.

Arm Circles

Take those bicep curls around the world, and tone your entire arm and upper back through full arm circles.

Grocery gym it: circle bottles of juice during your walk home and watch your body get lithe in no time.

Intrigued? The lateral arm straight arm curls creates super lat strength and amazing deltoids.

Straight arm bicep curls would give you the leanest and strongest looking arms than regular bicep curls. Keep it interesting by incorporating a lateral movement, as shown here.

Washboard Abs

A good naval to spine ab twist with a kettle ball or flat/plated weight can do wonders.

Looking to sculpt a leaner you? Do high reps (20x5), no weights or super light weight (1-3 lbs) to create an authentically low BMI look.

Deep Standing Stretch

Use your body weight to get the most out of your stretch.

This is a lifted lunge that stretches your quads. By positioning your pelvis differently you'll be able to stretch into your hamstrings because of the dynamic movement.

Still too easy? Squeeze your elbows together on the way up or down.

Powerhouse Ready: Breathe in on the way down and exhale out strongly on the up.