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Now 20 years older and a whole lot bodysmarter, we are taking the pilates knowledge, powerhouse training, and our own blend of wellness into #unitedpilates through our headquarters in New York City.

What is UP?

  • United Pilates Certification Programs is for Career Development -- if you're interested in teaching pilates
  • Our Retreats for Personal Enrichment and Growth -- if you're interested in awakening and refinding your sense of wellness
  • United Pilates Service, Studio, and Business Development for Businesses -- if you're ready to hit the ground running with your own studio or wellness business; we do specialize in clinical wellness
  • United Pilates Brand Development for New Products and Pioneers -- if you're interested in positioning power for the sports and fitness industry we can help you through pragmatic consultative partnership and coaching
  • United Pilates Wellness Training and Events Management for the Health, Wellness, and Fitness Industry -- if got a big job and a big vision to complete, contact us -- we'd love to share our podium with you to disseminate useful and healthful information

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