Current Actions

The invitation, intention and vision for ‘Inspire the World’ Initiatives:

To co~create the world’s most inspiring and inclusive positive news and solutions-awareness campaign!

United Earth is inviting supporters, partners, co~creators and sponsors to co-pioneer the Inspire the World Initiatives. Together we are forming a global network and campaign of solutions-oriented cultural re-education that will inspire a planetary wave of hope, mutual-learning and collaborative engagement for the co~creation of a better world and future.

Over 30 groups including Permaculture Magazine, Findhorn’s New Story Hub, One Community Global, Great Transition Stories, Gaia Academy, EARTHwise Centre, The Great Transition Initiative, and GOOD of the WHOLE are already on board.

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The United Earth Facebook Group ~ our public space where we are NOW gathering and coordinating actions

More Information ~ to further understand how these elements connect to a global network of people, projects and unlimited potential

The video that kicked it all off!

The United Earth Solutions-Awareness Toolkit

Solutions-Awareness ToolKit