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Welcome to United Earth!

All around the world hundreds of thousands of people are awakening to a vision of global unity and collaboration. It is also a practical vision of systemic and cultural transformation. It is the turning point in human evolution that has been prophesied by indigenous cultures for centuries.

United Earth is now emerging as a global co~creation and gathering space that is dedicated to bringing this vision into reality.

United Earth IS

~ a living global hub : offering interactive virtual spaces for all people and collectives who wish to co~create a more beautiful world.

~ an open community : of global changemakers who are passionate about serving, holding space and inspiring unifying actions for the emergence of a coherent global movement. As a diverse community of aligned, self-governing teams, we aspire to embody a new paradigm of synergistic co~creation that is animated by following our highest excitement, authentic communication and conscious evolution.

~ a vision-in-action : collaborative actions and strategies for world education campaigns on solutions and global systemic transformation, designed and implemented by co~creators from all around the world.

~ a growing international movement : of concerned and caring citizens, organisations, communities and networks who are joining together in pragmatic mass actions for the healing and regeneration of human society and planet Earth. As an everyone-inclusive movement, we welcome, respect and uphold the sovereignty, diversity and unique gifts of all people and collectives.

United Earth is founded on the understanding that, within The Global Transformation Movement, we already have the ecological solutions, the social & technological innovations, and the alternative political & economic models for all of humanity to transition into a balanced and regenerative society.

To help inform all of humanity of this “hidden” news, and how together we can create a new global reality, we are forming and inviting a coherent global movement of people, communities, organisations and networks to celebrate and showcase our wealth of solutions and whole-systems transition strategies.

Do you feel inspired to help co~create a world where everyone is free to live their highest potential, in harmony with each other and our natural environment ?

Would you love to support or be a part of a dynamic and heart-centered evolutionary movement ?

Learn more and let us know by filling out the form below !

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