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go blue!!!

The University of Michigan spirit is alive and well here in Australia and New Zealand!!!

We believe in building a positive base of - and for - Alumni in ALL corners of ANZ. Our purpose is simple: bring together UM alumni, fans, and friends and keep the Maize-and-Blue-spirit strong through annual Alumni events, local and regional club gatherings, Alumni spotlights, and regular newsletters.

We also want to be the point of contact for those simply looking to talk to a fellow Alumni, or the point of call for those seeking networking and IMPACT opportunities. Let the spirit thrive in ANZ, and let's continue to build positive change in our club and in our local and national communities.


upcoming events

25 November: 3rd Annual Alumni Club Event in Brisbane

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Building the Team

In other news, do you wish we could host more events in your part of the world? We do too! We are seeking volunteers to help round out our team of alumni, focusing on major metro areas.


Peter Barnard (MPH)

Peter Barnard shares his remarkable story about coming to the University of Michigan as a Rotary International Fellow, and how his education has influenced the course of his life.

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You can also email us with questions, feedback, ideas, or if you just want to have a chat!