Ultimate Yacht Association

Interested in an Ultimate Yacht ?

The Ultimate Yacht Association is based in Melbourne and has a current membership of over 80 boats. Regular meetings are held in Melbourne on the second Wed of each month.

UYA activities as listed on our calendar are a mix of: Cruising – on the Gippsland Lakes, Port Phillip Bay and other waterways in Victoria and interstate, Racing - mainly on Port Phillip Bay, but also on other inland waters, Social Activities – in and around Melbourne.

Ultimate yachts are valued for their safety, versatility and the strength of the UYA. We regularly receive enquiries from prospective buyers.

The UYA is a well organised, friendly Association and members are encouraged to participate in the many activities. Members receive a regular magazine “Ultimo*Proximo” which contains a wealth of useful information for all Ultimate owners.

Want to Join the UYA ?

We encourage all Ultimate owners to become members of the Ultimate Yacht Association for the very low fee of $40 per annum.

Membership has many advantages, including:

  • You receive the regular Association magazine Ultimo*Proximo. Ultimo*Proximo brings you up to date with Ultimate activities via the calendar, reports and photos of recent events plus invaluable technical articles and ideas for your boat.

  • You get the opportunity to participate in UYA activities such as organised races, cruises and social events, while improving your sailing skills and making new friends.

  • You gain access to information not published on this web site, such as class rules and specifications.

  • Access to a wide range of experienced members who can answer virtually any question you may have about your Ultimate.

To apply for membership, email the UYA membership secretary David Heale at: djheale@bigpond.com