How can I join in?

What do you need to know………

Anyone can learn to Square Dance! You do not need to have any special talents.

Many people first encounter Square Dancing by attending a Hoe Down or Barn Dance held in their local community.  It is likely you will have experienced the fun and laughter generated by a caller trying to get 8 people in each square to move in any given direction at any one time!  Yes, we have all been there and it does come with practice………

But now you are ready for the next step – literally and want to find out more.

The full list of nearly eighty clubs that dance all the "Programmes" can be found on the 'Clubs' page link for your region.  However, here follows the clubs that especially teach new dancers.  Give them a call and you can be sure of a warm welcome.  Also, you can contact our Secretary who can help with any query.

Some Clubs offer the Social Square Dancing (SSD), which is fun introdution to the activity.  It is a stand alone programme that can be learnt in around 13 weeks, by attending once a week