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If you have an event you would like to advertise for free on this website, or in the LSD open dances listing you should complete this form. Please ensure that you include all the information before pressing SUBMIT.

Once the form is completed and sent you can upload your flyer by Email. Please ensure the flyer name is in the following format: '20180728clubname' that is the 'year month date' of the event followed by the club or dance name. Add extra text to the flyer name for additional pages for example flyer or booking.

Please ensure the flyer is in PDF format, if possible. Multiple page flyers can also now be displayed.

Rounds Covid19.pdf

This document is a collaboration between BAASDC and SDCCGB and its preparation was helped by the advice and guidance from a number of national bodies, local government and a consultation with dancers.

In mid-August the Government announced guidelines that set out how community centres could become Covid-secure. A decision was taken to press ahead with guidelines for reopening of Rounds. Squares will follow when restrictions allow.

It is important to remember that this is for guidance only and that it is the responsibility of all those involved in our activity to ensure we dance in a safe Covid-secure environment. It is not an instruction to reopen, that is a decision to be made after careful consideration and preparation. It may still be a while before your nearest Round Dance Club reopens.

Often asked questions

The event times or date format on the BAASDC website are wrong can you correct them ?


We are careful to ensure that we enter the event information correctly, although we can occasionally make a mistake. The problem is more likely to be with the time zone or date format setting on your device. You will need to check that both your device and the google calendar time zone and date setting are set to GMT 00:00 London and the dd/mm/yy format. Otherwise, if you are in the UK the time and date displayed may be incorrect.


When graduating, all dancers/couples, are entitled to a FREE issue of the magazine 'Let's Square Dance', a copy of the latest club directory (if available) and a welcoming letter from the Association.

To allow enough time, a club will need to request this by contacting us at least a month before the graduation date.


A graduation diploma is available for Squares and Rounds. They can be downloaded and the individual dancer names added before they are printed and signed.


2020 Employers Liability Insurance.pdf
2020 Public Liability Insurance.pdf
2019 How to Claim.pdf
2018Anti Harrassment Polv2.pdf
2018Non DiscrimPolv2.pdf
2018safeguarding policyv2.pdf
20180604Code of Conduct for the organisation of BAASDC Rallies General.pdf
20180605Privacy Policy.pdf
HS Policy BAASDC.pdf
Risk Assessment.pdf
accident-form v1.pdf
New Club application form 20170712 (1).pdf


These are not affiliated to BAASDC and are included for information only.

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