The 2018 MATE international ROV competition will take place in Federal Way in Washington, United States, 21st to 23rd of June.

This summer, just south of Seattle, underwater robotics enthusiasts from all over the worlds will gather to compete in the international ROV competition. This year's theme is "Jet city: Aircraft, Earthquakes and Energy". Being the home of Boeing and lying on the edge of a continental plate, underwater ROVs will be the principal tool of solving societal challenges regarding aircraft disasters and geological hazards. ROVs will also be utilized for installing an environmental friendly tidal energy turbine and instruments for monitoring. A more detailed list of operations which the ROV must be able to do can be found here (under "Design brief" and "Explorer"). For the particularly interested, the overall competition manual can be found here.

About the MATE ROV Competition

The Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center is a cluster of organizations that works with expanding and strengthen relations between industry and academia. Their goal is to challenge and inspire students to learn about marine technology by applying their skills in science and technology. MATE Center also emphasizes acquiring non-technical skill such as collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship. The international ROV MATE competition was established in 2002. UiS Subsea has competed in the "explorer class" ever since our first participation in 2014.

From year to year, there is some variation in how the points in the competition are awarded. This year, the points are being awarded in three different categories: Product demonstration, Engineering and Communication, and Safety. The subcategories of each category and its weighting is listed on the bottom of this page (extracted from the competition manual).

UiS Subsea's previous performances is found following the hyperlinks below





Product demonstrations

  • 260 points (max), plus a time bonus
  • Size and weight restrictions
    • 20 points (max)
  • Product demonstration safety and organizational effectiveness
    • 20 points (max)

Engineering and Communication

  • Technical documentation
      • 100 points (max)
  • Engineering presentations
      • 100 points (max)
  • Marketing displays
      • 50 points (max)
  • Company Spec Sheet
      • 20 points (max)
  • Corporate Responsibility
      • 10 points (max)


  • Initial Safety and Documentation Review
      • 20 points (max)
  • Safety Inspection
      • 30 points (max)
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSAs)
      • 10 points (max)


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