About UiS Subsea

UiS Subsea is a student association at the University of Stavanger established in October 2013. The purpose of the establishment was to participate in international student competitions in underwater robotics. The project team and board consist currently of 15 students from different disciplines at the Faculty of Science and Technology. In past years, UiS Subsea has also developed an AUV, but we are not currently making one this year.

Our mission

UiS Subsea has set three main goals for ourselves

Motivation: We want to motivate students to engage themselves outside of studies

Innovation: We want to create an environment for innovation, and apply technical skills and exercise creativity

Collaboration: We want to strengthen the collaboration between the university and the local subsea industry

Our story

The fall of 2013, the four engineering students Håkon Kjerkreit, Orjan Mæhre, Endre Nordahl-Pedersen and Ola Johansson started hunting for something new and exciting to write a bachelor thesis on. After some searching, they found the MATE ROV Competition and thought that this was a perfect competition for a team from Stavanger. When they pitched it to Professor Hirpa G. Lemu, he showed great interest, and UiS Subsea was established.

After that FS Team UiS (now ION Racing) had paved the way for competitive student associations from the University of Stavanger, UiS Subsea received broad support among the professors. The Stavanger office of Oceaneering became involved in the project early, and functioned from the very first moments as a mentor. Subsequently, more and more businesses in the subsea industry joined in as sponsors or supporters.

Summer of 2014, UiS Subsea participated as the first Norwegian team in the international final of the MATE ROV Competition. That year, the competition was held in Alpena, Michigan with the theme "Exploring the great lakes". We ended as 14th out of 30 participants. As of 2019, this is our 6th year participating in the ROV competition.

2014: "Exploring the Great Lakes" Alpena, Michigan

2015: "ROVs in Extreme Environments: Science and Industry in the Arctic" St. John's, Newfoundland

2016: "From the Gulf of Mexico to Jupiter’s Moon Europa: ROV Encounters in Inner and Outer Space" Houston, Texas

2017: "Port Cities of the Future: Commerce, Entertainment, Health, and Safety" Long Beach, California