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Recent Undergraduate Student Research

CSL undergraduate researchers earned top honors as recipients of the UCSD School of Physical Sciences Dean's Undergraduate Excellence Awards: Malina Desai, Juan Diego Draxl Giannoni, Natalie Lam, and Deliliah Jacobsen were among 34 recipients selected from over 4,000 physical science majors. Congratulations to our outstanding undergraduates!

The Cool Star Lab Machine Learning group recently published a Research Note demonstrating spectral binary identification with a random forest classifier. The paper was led by undergraduate researcher Malina Desai. (read the paper at RNAAS)

Undergraduate researcher Mikaela Larkin, mentored by graduate student Roman Gerasimov, led a study on the spectral properties and detectability of magnified Population III stars with JWST (read the paper at AJ)

Resources for Cool Star Lab Undergraduate Research

Cool Star Lab Research Startup

Startup document, describing our research preparation course (can also be done on your own)

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