Resources for Student Researchers

NOTE: Prof. Burgasser will be taking on a limited number of research students in Spring and Summer 2024. If you are an undergraduate interested in research, please fill out this form: 

Recent Undergraduate Student Research

Cool Star Lab undergraduate Tiffany Liou was awarded a Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Student Award at the AAS 243 Winter Meeting in New Orleans, LA. Tiffany earned her Chambliss from her presentation "Rest-UV Properties of MUSE DR2 Galaxies". Congratulations Tiffany! [read more at AAS...]

CSL undergraduate researchers earned top honors as recipients of the UCSD School of Physical Sciences Dean's Undergraduate Excellence Awards: Malina Desai, Juan Diego Draxl Giannoni, Natalie Lam, and Deliliah Jacobsen were among 34 recipients selected from over 4,000 physical science majors. Congratulations to our outstanding undergraduates!

The Cool Star Lab Machine Learning group recently published a Research Note demonstrating spectral binary identification with a random forest classifier. The paper was led by undergraduate researcher Malina Desai. (read the paper at RNAAS)

Research Expectations and Principles of Community

There are some basic expectations we have for all Cool Star Lab research students, no matter what level of time commitment, to ensure that you have the time and resources to succeed in your research and learning. In addition, there are things you should expect of your mentors in this research program.

Expectations for research mentees

As a research mentee in the UCSD Cool Star Lab, I expect to…

Expectations for research mentors

As a research mentor in the Cool Star Lab summer, I expect to…

Expectations for everyone: Principles of Community

All members of the UCSD Cool Star Lab are expected to adhere to our principles of community to ensure equitable access and opportunity, and ethical practice, in our teaching, learning, and research activities:

Resources for Cool Star Lab Undergraduate Research

Cool Star Lab Research Startup

Startup document, describing our research preparation course (can also be done on your own)