Nanoliter Osmometer


The Nanoliter Osmometer is a high precision temperature controlled stage designed for optical microscopy. Tight temperature control of the sample (<0.001°C) allows visualization of ice nucleation, growth and melting with high accuracy and temperature stability.

The Nanoliter Osmometer is controlled by special software, which enables various types of temperature control, such as step, ramp and dwell. The software also allows synchronized video recording to directly monitor and analyze changes of the physical characteristics of the sample, such as size, shape and optical signal.


Nanoliter Osmometer was originally designed to investigate micron-sized ice crystals behavior under optical microscope. It allows determination of the melting and freezing point of an aqueous solution using nanoliter droplets. Such measurements are extremely valuable for quantitative evaluation of antifreeze activity, re-crystallization studies etc.


Example studies using Nanoloter Osmometer