Let's Talk Dubs podcast - Ep133 Type 4 Secrets Tom Slider

July 25, 2021 -- A long time acquaintance of mine, Bill Tsagrinos, had created a VW theme podcast in late 2018. The podcast aim is to create a source of information about the VW scene and to preserve the stories and knowledge of the community. Bill and I met on a VW message board over a twenty years prior and we share a mutual interest in the VW/Porsche Type 4 engine. Bill invited me to be a guest so that we could talk about my "Type 4: Secrets Revealed" web site and about the use of the Type 4 engine in a classic VW. 


Total VW magazine -- June 2000 issue

June 2000 -- In early 2000, I was contacted by a writer for the British magazine "Total VW". The writer was inquiring about reviewing my "Type 4: Secrets Revealed" web stie for the magazine's "Access all Areas" column. It was quite an honor to be asked to have my work represented in print. When I received my copy, I was so excited to see that screenshot of the site featured.