This is my journal of my journey to becoming a healthier and happier individual through weight loss, movement, and nutrition. Right now I am primarily focused on my weight loss, but I hope to eventually resume my swimming career and become a multi-sport athlete by doing an aquabike event. 

A project I created to house all of my VW projects, including my WyoLook '69 Bug and my  '70 EMPI Imp dune buggy, but also share my knowledge and experience after five decades in the hobby. 

A project I started in 1997, with the goal of sharing the community knowledge about the VW/Porsche "Type 4" engine, its high performance potential, and how it can adapted to replace a VW Type 1 engine. 

Photography has long been my way of expressing my artistic side in visual media. I've mainly dabbled in action, landscape,and event photography. One of my main subjects was photographing water polo games, as it combined my hobby of photography and my love of water polo.

The WTPHA is a non-profit 501c3 organization that seeks to raise awareness and provide funding for exhibits, education, and historic preservation of the Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site

With my move to Wyoming, I wanted to cultivate a community of VW enthusiasts. This desire led to creating a VW car club in Laramie. 

Early on in my VW career, I learned of a local group of fellow VW enthusiasts that had formed a VW car club called Hot German Steel. I was active with the club until participation died down that the club disbanded in the '90s. A group of us former members are looking to get in touch with other fellow members.