Tulane University Department of Mathematics

Graduate Student Chapters


This is the official website for Graduate Student Chapters of the following associations at Tulane University:

The Tulane Graduate Student Chapters host a variety of regular social, mentoring, and mathematical events. Some of our most popular events include the SIAM Graduate Student Colloquium and the AMS/AWM Series of Faculty Talks. To learn more about coming events, check out our calendar below.

Current Officers

  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kyle Zhao (kzhao_at_tulane dot edu)

  • President: Hayden Houser (hhouser _at_tulane dot edu)

  • Vice President: Oliver Orejola (oorejola _at_tulane dot edu)

  • Treasurer: Sang-Eun Lee (slee37 _at_ tulane dot edu)

  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lisa Fauci (fauci _at_ tulane dot edu)

  • President: Corey Wolfe (cwolfe _at_ tulane dot edu)

  • Vice President: Daniela Andrea Florez (dflorez _at_tulane dot edu)

  • Treasurer: Vaishavi Sharma (vsharma1 _at_ tulane dot edu)

  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mahir Can (mcan_at_tulane dot edu)

  • President: Dana Ferranti (dferranti _at_ tulane dot edu)

  • Vice President: Sergio Villamarin Gomez (svillamaringomez _at_ tulane dot edu)

  • Treasurer: Alex Nisbet (anisbet _at_ tulane dot edu)

  • Secretary: Yuwei Bao (ybao2 _at_ tulane dot edu)

Events Calendar

These are just the events organized by the Math department student chapters. All department events can be found here.