The Stuffin Muffin Print Shop

Welcome to The Stuffin Muffin Print shop!

What we do!

The Stuffin Muffin Print shop specializes in 3D printing and in the future laser cutting! We also offer design services and creative consulting if you need that sort of thing.

3D printing alright!

Whoa there! 3D printing may sound futuristic, but there are some restrictions to what we can and can't print. If you want to learn more on what we can do please contact us!

Design and Creative Consulting!

The Stuffin Muffin offers Designing and consulting services for people who don't know what they want creatively or don't have time to design. You can leave the dirty work to us!


Here at The Stuffin Muffin Print shop we believe in offering people a quality product for an affordable price. Prices per print or design, consulting services will vary from project to project but we guarantee to work with you to hit your price point.

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