Our Goals

Our Aim!

We know how tough it is when starting out on a new business venture! With this in mind The Stuffin Muffin Network aims to help start ups, small business and individuals come up with the most cost effective and affordable solution possible.

What is the Stuffin Muffin Network?

The Stuffin Muffin Network, is a network made up of highly experienced Makers, dedicated to helping other artists and small business bring their products to life.

What is a Maker?

A Maker is a term used to describe someone affiliated with the Maker Movement. Makers are individuals or groups of individuals who create and market products that are recreated and assembled using various types of materials.

What can we do for you?

Have an idea for a great product? Don't know where to start? The Stuffing Muffin Network can help! Tell us what you are looking for and we'll connect you to the right Maker for the job!

Wow! All this sounds great! How do I start?

All you need is an idea! From there the Stuffin Muffin Network can help you get to where you need to be!

Have no ideas?

No problem! The Stuffin Muffin Network will have plenty of other content to help you get started on a DIY project of your own! Starting later on this year we'll have video tutorials on how to become a great Maker in your own right!

Who are the Makers?

We are a collaboration of different creative small business and individuals, coming together to form a creative social network that connects other creative small business and individuals together.

Ooy! I'm a Maker too and I want a piece of the action!

Great! We are always looking to expand our network of Makers! If you can provide a great service that results in either a quality product or creative knowledge, then we want to hear from you! We're always looking expand our Networks!

One last thing...

We here at The Stuffin Muffin Network aren't just a service provider, but we're customers as well! Thank you for taking the time to read our long winded About page, we hope you found it insightful and that you'll be doing business with us soon in the not so distance future!