Our goal is to help the people of the community gain control of their respective financial situations. That can include generating additional income, reducing debt, purchasing the appropriate insurance vehicles to protect personal assets and more.

We start with helping create personal wealth. Through a collaboration with Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, TSG provides a path to personal financial control. We provide the world famous Financial Peace University program FREE* to anyone looking to improve their personal financial situation. The first step to changing your future is creating good, sound, disciplined strategies. We provide the full 9 week Financial Peace University Program from Dave Ramsey, through Ramsey Solutions. We’ve helped many individuals reinvent their lives and create individual financial health. And, unlike other programs offered in our community, the full cost of all materials are reimbursed to those who successfully complete the program.

A recent class paid off $15,791 in debt and saved a total of $11,400. They also closed or cut up 11 credit cards. They are all on their way to securing Financial Peace. We believe financially secure families are the foundation of economically secure communities. And economically secure communities are the starting point of changing everything. Want more information?