Download the TR: War of the Worlds

The game in version 1.1 is free to download, use one of 8 mirrors below.

No installation is required. Unzip the downloaded folder and click the War of the Worlds.exe to start the game.

The game works on PC Windows XP - 10.

If you have any problems check the FAQ or about me to contact.

What's new in the latest version of the game? Click to download patch 1.1

Remember: with 1.1 patch your old savegames will not work

How to install? download, unzip and replace old files with downloaded ones. If you have a problem with that, just download the game from

The version 1.1:

  • general: more updated patches so the game is more stable

  • general: fixed number of collectable letters - now it's correctly displayed max 23 letters on the whole game

  • general: now it's more clear how to use safe

  • general: fixed naming of ammo for crossbow - now it's a steel ammo, not a solid

  • Asylum: in the 'Asylum' level all pop-up images from tutorial area dissaper if you're not there

  • Asylum: you can't block Lara in the 'Asylum' level before the explosion while you're running out of flames

  • Dead Calm: fixed bug with bad position of Lara in the cutscene in the 'Dead Calm' level when she is seeing hanging corpse

  • Suburbs: you can't grab the weapon before the cutscene in 'Suburbs' level

  • District V: fixed bug about late feedback from collecting a secret on the military tower in the 'District V' level

  • District V:now it's more clear what you need to do with sentry guns in the 'District V' level

  • Swamps: fixed bug that cause the wooden platform on 'Swamp' level doesn't have any collision

  • Swamps: you can't climb onto one of ruined buildings in 'Swamp' and hit the 'end of the world' wall

  • Outskirts: fixed endless slide in the secret area in the 'Outskirts' level

  • Outskirts: you can't jump on the hills in the 'Outskirts' level