Scouts BSA
Long Beach Area Council

Troop 126

EST. 1948

Troop 126 has proudly served the youth of Long Beach, CA for over 75 Years.


Scouts BSA is the traditional Scouting experience where youth ages 11-17 can have amazing adventures in the great outdoors, develop a love of service by volunteering in their community, boost leadership skills through fun and exciting challenges, and create memories of a lifetime! Activities are youth-led, meaning adults train youth members to assume leadership roles, and, with those skills, Scouts plan the program and carry it out themselves. Through these activities, they develop teamwork and learn to lead as well as follow. For more than 100  years, Scouts BSA has helped create generations of leaders and outstanding citizens by providing young people with the opportunity to explore their interests, serve their communities, and discover new talents through youth-led activities like hiking, camping, and volunteering!


Scouting builds leaders. Former Scouts serve on the boards of global corporations, walk the halls of the White House, and have occasionally been known to go hiking on the moon! Life lessons learned in Scouting help all of its members make good decisions throughout life.


As leaders, Scouts are taught to listen carefully to the ideas of their peers, to be fair, flexible, and organized, to follow up on assignments, to delegate when necessary, to be quick to encourage or praise for a job well done, to know when to ask for help, to accept criticism as a gift, and most of all, to have fun.


The Scout slogan is:
Do a Good Turn Daily

That means doing something to help others each day without expecting anything in return. It implies that  Scouts learn to do their part in caring for the community and the environment.


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