90fm Trivia Oral History Project

An ongoing project to collect, index, and make avaliable the fascinating stories and unique history of the World's Largest Trivia Contest

New! We've established a page on Soundcloud to host digitized audio files from throughout the history of the contest for everyone to listen to and enjoy. We are working on digitizing a number of cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, audio from VHS tapes, and anything else we can get our hands on at the moment, and are always looking for more.

If you have any tapes of Trivia...be it audio of the contest, just the questions, Trivia Stone clues, music questions, standings readings, etc etc etc, please consider contacting us and letting us borrow and digitize your recordings for preservation and to share with the Trivia community as a whole!


As a sample of what you will find in the Soundcloud page, here's the digital file of a reel we digitized for inclusion in the "125 Years of Higher Education in Stevens Point" exhibit at UWSP's Edna Carlsten Art Gallery in September and October of 2019. The copy included in the exhibit for listening had the music trimmed for ease of quick listening, but below you will find the full audio from the reel.