Tell Your Story!

Do you have Trivia memories and stories to share? Of course you do! That's the whole reason we play this wonderful contest, isn't it??

We want to hear your stories! The good, the sad, the funny, the embarrassing...all of the above! The whole purpose of this project is to capture as many stories as we can, from as many different players, volunteers, staff, writers, sponsors, etc., as we can, to give as broad a picture of the Trivia community as possible. That's where you come in!

The Trivia Oral History Project is made up of two elements:

Formal oral history interviews


Self-recorded storytelling interviews

Formal Interviews

These can be in person, by telephone, or by almost any other electronic means we can manage. We will work to schedule a time and a place that works best for you, because we want to hear what you have to share and help preserve your story forever.

Ideally, we will sit down for 90 minutes to 2 hours and discuss the history of your team, your involvement in the contest, and your experiences throughout the years.

The audio of the interview will be indexed and archived so future researchers and Trivia fanatics can learn more about the first 50 years of this wonderful game.

We are scheduling for upcoming interviews at this time. For more information, see our Facebook page or email for details.


At this time we are developing a program that will allow any member of the Trivia community to record stories and answer questions about their history with the contest, no matter where they are or what their desired level of involvement in the project might be. You played during your time at UWSP in the 80s and moved to Idaho after college? Great! Don't want to sit through a formal interview? That's fine! Just have one really great story about that one answer you got by calling that all-night diner in Chicago? Perfect!

Watch this space or the Facebook Page for more information about self-recorded interviews, coming soon!